Can I begin my tour at the airport or cruise terminal? Is there any extra charge?

Yes, I can meet you off your flight or cruise if we’re starting the tour straight away, and there’s no extra charge
However, if you’d prefer to freshen up first, let’s meet at your hotel, and begin the tour from there
If I’m meeting you at the airport or cruise terminal, it’s a good idea to let me know how much luggage you’re bringing too

What’s your cancellation policy?

Up until 24 hours before your tour begins, the cancellation fee is AU$100 per tour
Cancellations made within 24 hours of the tour will be charged the full amount of the tour.
Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration

Do you provide bottled water?

Try drinking Sydney tap water instead
It tastes better than bottled water, it’s kinder to the environment, and it’s free!
Your hotel will give you bottles you can refill as we tour

Will I need cash on the tour?

You’ll need cash (Australian dollars) in the Blue Mountains, to ride the Scenic Railway

Do I have to do the walks/hikes that are part of the tour?

There are no compulsory walks or activities on any of my tours

Will you take me inside Sydney Opera House?

No, but I’ll take you to the best vantage points from which to photograph the opera house.
If you’d like to see inside, you can book a show or a tour through the SOH website

What about The Rocks? Darling Harbour? The Botanic Gardens?

All these areas are better explored on foot, and don’t necessarily require a guide. We’ll certainly drive by or through them on The Main Attractions, but the best way to see them is by walking. There are free daily walking tours in both The Rocks and Sydney CBD

Can we eat at the fish market?

Sure, but let’s do so before noon. Any later, and the market is so busy that parking, ordering and securing a table can be a challenge

Isn't Bondi the best beach in Sydney?

No, it’s just the best known beach in Sydney

What if it's raining in the Blue Mountains? Will we see anything?

Unfortunately, the mountains are prone to fog during rainy weather. But it’s fickle. One valley can be fogged in, and the next is clear. And the fog can blow out of a valley as quickly as it can roll in, often in as little as 5-10 minutes
If you’re at all concerned, keep an eye on the weather forecast
I’d estimate the number of times I take people to the Blue Mountains and they see nothing at all is no more than 2-3 occasions each year

Will you show me kangaroos and koalas in the wild?

Probably not. If we see some, that’s a bonus. But be aware that we’ll be unable to get close to them, because they’re wild animals. So they’re usually not very interested in contact with humans

So, should I go to the zoo to see kangaroos and koalas?

No, you should go to Featherdale. It’s a more interactive experience, and 99% of the animals there are Australian natives

Since you don't charge by the hour, I can book you for earlier than I need you, and just leave you sitting outside the hotel until I'm ready, right?

Ok, so nobody ever actually says that, but it’s an issue from time to time
Please, if you know you’re running late, let me know in advance, by text or email
I understand you’re on holidays and probably on a foreign time zone too, so a few minutes here and there isn’t a problem
But be aware that the starting time of the tour has been chosen by or agreed upon by you. So, if you’re more than 30 minutes late for the tour pickup, I may have to significantly modify (or even cancel) the tour
Hopefully, it never comes to that, though