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Starting with Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for a spectacular view of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, around through the fashionable enclaves of Woolloomooloo and Potts Point, and the red-light strip of Kings Cross, see the posh homes in Darling Point, the upscale shopping precinct of Double Bay, then out to Bondi Beach. Take the Bondi Coastwalk if you wish,  then back through Centennial Park, into the groovy neighbourhoods of Paddington, Darlinghurst, and Surry Hills, through Chinatown, past Darling Harbour and The Rocks, and across Sydney Harbour Bridge to Kirribilli, on to Middle Harbour and The Spit, take in some of the Spit to Manly Walk if you like, and have the option of the Manly Ferry back to the city at the end of the day to see the sunset over the harbour

The Regular Attractions tour takes in the neighbourhoods close to the city on both sides of Sydney Harbour, and the main attractions with which most tourists are familiar – beaches, waterways, lookouts – this is the ideal private day tour to acquaint yourself with a cross-section of the magnificent city of Sydney.

Lunch is not included in the cost of the tour

Tour Duration: 7 hours
Driving Time: 2 hours

This tour is flexible and customisable


“Being the moderate senior hikers/walkers we are, he stopped several times so we could get out to walk along a few hiking trails or walking paths, 1 of them ending in a delicious lunch at Tamarama Beach. We saw the various neighborhoods in & around Sydney with several stops at places or small parks where we could enjoy the best views of the harbor, the city & the beaches. We even stopped at a pretty park to see & feed the wild cockatiels of Sydney. Even tho TripAdvisor rates him as 1 of their top guides for the area, I wanted to make sure we were reserving an excellent guide, so I contacted the concierge at our hotel well in advance of our arrival. Peter was his very first recommendation, so we booked him. At the end of the tour we had the option to return to our hotel or for Peter to drop us at Manly Wharf to take the ferry to Circular Quay which was just a few blocks from our hotel. Since the weather was perfect, we opted for the ferry ride, so we not only got the driven tour by Peter, but also a harbor “tour” by taking the ferry out of Manly & thru the harbor while getting all the views of the area as seen from the harbor. It was a very wonderful day!”

(cmb2 Magnolia, Tx Reviewed 3 April 2018)


“The Sydney Tour consisted of two loops – a southern loop and a northern loop – tied together with a walk across the harbor bridge. Each loop included a good walk where Peter got us started, drove to the other end and then walked back to meet us. This plan worked well. Trip ended up with Peter dropping us at Manly Beach for a swim and a Ferry ride back to the hotel. While there were a number of highlights, maybe the best part was the surprise bird feeding in the botanical gardens near the beginning of the day. We had birds eating out of our hands and sitting on our heads”

(LonghornFrank Houston Reviewed 27 March 2018)


“I picked this tour because I wanted to see more of Sydney than the Opera House. While we did see it from across the bay, Peter showed his love of Sydney by taking us through various neighborhoods and trying to give us a taste of everything…including lebanese food. I hope that the leftovers were OK, Peter. I never asked a question that he did not have a knowledgeable answer from local politics to local flora. All in all, a good way to spend your day in Sydney”

(altencocker Dallas, Texas Reviewed 30 January 2018)


“Peter met us right on time at our hotel in the morning and gave us a quick sketch of what the day “could” look like. That’s the customizable part – we loved that Peter seemed to get a feel for us as a group then began tailoring visits and backgrounders to what was of interest to us, not a “canned spiel” to everyone. Peter is very engaging and by the end of the day, we were swapping stories of life, loves, travel, food, sport etc. Kind of like a friend you are visiting and knows the city like the back of their hand”

(towerpants Oakville, Canada Reviewed 26 January 2018)


“Peter was skillful and exquisite in taking our photos, some of which garnered praises from my followers in my social media accounts. To add, Peter was a great conversationalist. My mother and I returned to Manila with pleasant memories of Sydney, its culture and rich history, and its people, thanks largely to Peter. He gets our highest recommendation to anyone who is planning to visit this wonderful city down under”

(fgmoria Metro Manila, Philippines Reviewed 2 December 2017)


“It was a pure joy to see all that Sydney and the surrounding areas had to offer before spending the next few days venturing out on our own. Peter knew all the great spots to visit and was very well knowledgeable on “all things Sydney and beyond.” We had a fabulous day and really loved the beaches and walks. Peter was very flexible and we spent as much or as little time as we wished in the spots we visited. Lunch was fantastic and we all did a taster of Vegemite (a very interesting and salty Australian treat). This was the perfect tour to begin any trip to Sydney. Would recommend Peter over and over again”

(Leslie R Fort Walton Beach, Florida Reviewed 24 June 2017)


“We set off and saw a great mix of popular sites and some hidden gems. Peter was willing to customize the trip so we mixed the Regular Attractions tour with the Coastal towns tour. He has already mapped out the perfect site for your obligatory Opera House with Harbour Bridge in the background shot, so we got that out of the way first. Then we drove through the various neighborhoods of Sydney, from the trendy, hipster hoods to the old money ones. We even saw a site where one of my favorite movies was shot. We completed part of the Must-do coastal walk and Peter showed me a great neighborhood for some cute clothes shopping. Finally, one of the best things about Peter is his friendliness and desire to make sure you have a great trip. After the tour ended, I emailed Peter about ideas for things to do. He immediately responded with a list of excellent suggestions. Again, this was after his job was done and he could’ve blown me off. The tour actually went into overtime as Peter squeezed in some more sites based on our interests”

(Rose-in-DC Reviewed 21 May 2017)


“We spent an entire day touring Sydney with Peter and it was so much fun! His van is clean and very comfortable, and Peter took us to all the normal amazing sites in Sydney plus several hidden gems that no other tourist get to experience except those with Peter. He is also great with recommendations for food, activities, and will help plan the rest of your trip. You must book with Peter – he is the best!”

(Ted G Reviewed 13 May 2017)


“We walked along the coast on Bondi Beach until Tamarama Bay. At his suggestion we even climbed the Pylon of the Harbor Bridge not just for the view but for stories behind the bridge. It was clearly a workout tour but the view and the history was worth it. Peter regaled us with stories about the places we went, and what we must see and even little nuggets of how a typical Australian lived. Clearly Peter knows the city by heart”

(MrsKanga Manila Reviewed 8 May 2017)


“He did not bombard us with facts, but shared his knowledge with a light touch. He is very flexible in his approach and is happy to go out of his way to accommodate any requests. Peter has a happy knack of finding sights and lookouts that are not swarming with other tourists”

(betteronacamel Reviewed 8 May 2017)


“We have taken many tours and I must say, “A Peter Bailey tour is simply the best.” The tour was a perfect combination of driving through the many lovely neighborhoods of Sydney and doing beautiful scenic walks. Peter is funny, knowledgeable and so pleasant to be around. It’s like touring with a good friend”

(carol d Los Angeles, California Reviewed 1 May 2017)


“On both days Peter gave us the opportunity to get out of the van for a nature walk and a ferry ride so that we could experience the diversity of the city’s natural beauty through our own eyes and not exclusively through the windows of his comfortable van”

(MrsLWhit Reviewed 26 April 2017)


“The tour I did included 4 short walks which were an excellent idea and gave me yet more views of the city I would not normally have seen, A break for lunch at an excellent cafe and finishing in Manly where I caught the ferry back to central quay made an excellent tour even better”

(colin M Harrogate, United Kingdom Reviewed 25 April 2017)


“He gave us the option of walking some of the trails along the edges of the many green spaces that are along the coastline. We went out to some of the beaches and had lunch at a small local restaurant in one of the beach towns. We finished the tour at Manly Beach and we boarded the ferry for a nice scenic ride back to Darling Harbor”

(Bill Y Seneca, South Carolina Reviewed 13 April 2017)


“Peter delighted both of us and introduced to me a city I had missed entirely on my first visit. Peter’s love for his city and his professionalism left a lasting imprint”

(Suysd Auckland Central, New Zealand Reviewed 13 April 2017)


“We saw as many sights as possible in 3-4 hours. He has an obvious love for his city so you get a different perspective which made me want to return. His van was comfortable and he took us to some of his favorite places which were off the beaten path”

(MEG52673 Grand Haven, Michigan Reviewed 22 March 2017)


“We made a tour of a couple of neighborhoods and then off to Bondi Beach for a lovely walk enjoying the sun and surf. We requested a side trip to University of Australia which was easily added to our day’s agenda. We went to a small, waterfront restaurant for delicious lunch and continued on our neighbor tour. We did not ask for the Opera House or Gardens because we had made plans for the next day to visit those sites. Whatever you think you want to see, Peter will design a tour to meet your quest. Our original reservation was for 4 people, but in the end only 2 of us could make the trip. The first thing that Peter did was refund the extra money we had paid. With a limited time in Sydney, I feel I got a good sense of the character of Sydney. Peter Bailey was a big reason I feel this way”

(PSulewski Chicago, Illinois Reviewed 2 March 2017)


“He took us to the “must see” areas and other locations off the beaten path, like his “secret” lookout place for a wonderful view of the city. It was a very peaceful place and we had wild turkeys walking around us! We preferred walking to sitting in the car all day, so Peter took us to Bondi Beach and we followed the famous cliff top coastal walkway to Tamarama Beach. The views were stunning! He also made a lunch reservation at a local eatery for us and we really enjoyed the seafood dishes. After lunch, we walked along the bush path from the Spit Bridge where we enjoyed beautiful views of Sydney Harbor. We also saw some Australian water dragons along the trail”

(Travel102_11 USA Reviewed 23 February 2017)


“He guided us through many of the high points of the city including the Opera House, walks through the Botanical Garden, the Spit Trail and Bondi Beach. He chose a great neighborhood restaurant with an amazing view of one of the bays for lunch and continued a tour of city neighborhoods after that. He optimized every minute of the day and returned us to the airport with just the right amount of time for our next flight. Peter is a very genuine and warm person with wealth of knowledge about the city where he was born and grew up–it’s the city he LOVES dearly and it shows. I recommend him highly!”

(Alan S Eden Prairie, Minnesota Reviewed 21 February 2017)


“We saw more of Sydney in one day than we could ever have seen on our own or with a tour group. We visited the beautiful different neighborhoods of Sydney, walked several scenic and little known walks that only a native like Peter would know. He is informative, responded to all our numerative questions and has a great sense of humor. This is the way to see this beautiful city, Peter Bailey will give you a day to remember!”

(rstanley50 Oklahoma city, Oklahoma Reviewed 23 January 2017)


“The best thing about the tour is that the clients determine how long we stay at each site so our group didn’t feel rushed to “snap a picture and leave.” We were able to explore the major attractions at our leisure and have a knowledgeable guide take us off the beaten track of the usual in visiting the different suburbs of Sydney. The coastal walk from Bondi beach to Tamarama beach was awesome as was the walk from the middle harbor to Clontarf. As a self proclaimed foodie, Peter chose an excellent cafe for lunch at Thelma and Louise in Neutral Bay. I can go on and on about the tour, but you MUST experience it for yourself”

(TricheD Lorton, Virginia Reviewed 21 December 2016)


“Well, not only did this turn out to be a marvellous choice, but it was more than just a tour which made it very enjoyable and enlightening. Peter’s immense wealth of knowledge was not only about the city of Sydney and it’s geography but about almost every aspect you could or would want to discuss. Historical facts, demographics, politics, good food, neighborhood and district facts, nature, botanical, architecture. You name it and we discussed it. Even the political scene both current and in the past about Australia was in the conversation”

(KamikawaSan Granite Bay, California  Reviewed 4 December 2016)


“The many discussions we had were enlightening, interesting and always with a good laugh. The way he presents the city is just awesome and you get to see the town from completely different angles and perspectives you had not known before nor would you, as an ordinary tourist, find out by yourself. As non-english people we also appreciated his command of a perfect english to easy understand and being able to follow the explanations”

(HBDGL Planken, Liechtenstein  Reviewed 19 November 2016)



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